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Introduction of Automotive Engineering College

Shanghai University of Engineering Science

The Automotive Engineering College of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, located in Songjiang University Town, is one of university's associate colleges. It was the first college in Shanghai to have an Automotive Engineering program. The college also offers a full range of specialties, including vehicle engine, chassis, body engineering, automotive manufacturing, automotive application engineering, automotive service engineering and automotive marketing. The Automotive Engineering College offers Master's degree program. The joint venture with Lawrence Technological University, U.S., includes Automotive Engineering and Automotive Application Engineering programs. The discipline of Transportation and Equipment Engineering is identified as a key discipline by Shanghai Education Commission. The discipline of Modern Automotive Application Engineering is identified as a key discipline by Shanghai municipal government.


The college has a faculty team of 60 people, of which 7 are professors, 13 are associate professors. Of the faculty team 15 have achieved the PhD degree and 10 are supervisors of the Master's program. The faculty having Master's and PhD degree account for 92% of the total faculty. The teaching staff comes from two sources: one is graduates from automotive field programs of universities across the country; the other is experienced experts from respected domestic automotive enterprises.

Degree Programs

The Automotive Engineering College has 6 four-year undergraduate programs including Automotive Engineering, Automotive Application Engineering, Automotive Service Engineering, Automotive Marketing, Automotive Application Engineering (China-U.S. cooperation), Automotive Engineering (China-U.S. cooperation) and one postgraduate program of Automotive Engineering. In 2009-2010, the number of students enrolled in the 6 undergraduate programs is 346 and 25 in the graduate program.

Cooperation and Exchange Programs

All 6 undergraduate programs are constructed for the rapidly-developing domestic automotive industry, automotive advanced manufacturing industry and the after-market for modern automotive service business. They are also designed to meet the demand for talented people with high technical skills for fuel economy, emission control, intelligent testing and diagnostics, urban transportation planning and intelligent control to promote the development of the Shanghai automotive industrial base. The teaching and testing base is established by the Shanghai Automotive Engineering Training Center on campus. Additionally, the college established the cooperation base among industries, universities and research institution by cooperating with large enterprises such as SAIC (Group) Corporation and Shanghai J.Y. (Group) Corporation. The cooperation base cultivates its students to be senior engineering talents with the innovation spirit, and the knowledge of technology, management and service.

Research Facilities

The college facilities include: Shanghai Automotive Engineering Training Center, Shanghai Automotive Comprehensive Performance Inspection Center, Vehicle Engine Fuel Economy and Emission Laboratory, Vehicle Intelligent Diagnostic Technology and Equipment Research Laboratory, Special Vehicle Electrical and Hydraulic Control Technology Laboratory, Shanghai J.Y. (Group) Corporation Powertrain Component Manufacturing and Shanghai J.Y. (Group) Corporation Powertrain Maintenance and Repair Research Laboratory. The research facilities are equipped with Pulse vibratory noise analyzer, Dong Ling vibrating test bench, intelligent engine test bench, GPS velocity and distance measuring sensor and engine bed test system. There are approximately 200 sets of UG software developed with the similar capability as that developed by the EDS Corporation (U.S.). These are useful to conduct analysis and research for automotive design and safety concerning.

Scientific Research

The college has strong scientific research capability in the field of Vehicle Intelligent Diagnostic Technology and Equipment, Vehicle Engine Fuel Economy and Emission and Special Vehicle Electrical and Hydraulic Control Technology. In 2008, the college undertook the project “Modeling of Reduce Diesel Engine NOx Emission Selective Catalytic Reduction Control” from the Shanghai City Science Commission and the innovation project “Generating Method Based Active Control Processing Theory and Technology Research on Flat Curve Gear and Tooth Face” from the Shanghai Education Commission. In 2009, the college conducted subjects such as “Engine Alternative Fuel Analysis Test”, “Diagnose and Repair for Mix-use Unleaded Gasoline and Ethanol Gasoline Carbon Deposition”, “Research on Soingjiang Area Traffic Accident Information Collection System” and others. In 2009, the college was granted 3 patents for invention, and 13 patents for invention are pending.